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I Am Not Alone

Prior to my incarceration, I saw no need for God in my life.  I put my trust in myself, my skills and my own power.  I falsely believed I was in control, only to land in prison having hurt others and myself.

It was only when I fell to the darkest depths of despair, helpless and broken, acknowledging my own lack of control, that I felt God for the first time in my life.

In the darkness of my heart, it was a momentary spark of hope, a wave of peace, I had never experienced, and then it was gone.  Even now, I cannot describe how I felt at that moment but it left me searching for answers I am only just beginning to understand.

As part of this quest, I contacted KCM Europe and realised I am not alone.  Their uplifting messages led me to seeing that I am a new creation in Christ and while I cannot remedy the harm I’ve caused, I can live each day in fellowship with God, working for His glory.  Even within these walls, I can draw close to Him, trusting that His will prevails, as I face challenges of each new day.

This would not be possible without those Christians I have encountered along the way, those who loved me even when I could not love myself and those who continue to share their faith and testimonies reaffirming that ours is indeed a living God.

A.A. United Kingdom