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“I Refuse to Fear!”

I have been a partner with KCM for quite a few years, and I enjoy the weekly broadcast very much. It was through teaching I received from Kenneth Copeland that our son is alive today.

In August 2016 he was electrocuted with 27,000 volts and was dead right at the time I was ministering to a group of Christians in Shaftsbury the parents of prodigals. The Fire Brigade first on the scene could not resuscitate him he was dead.

When the phone call came through to us, I said to my wife refuse to fear. Just a couple of days before, Kenneth Copeland said in the broadcast ‘I refuse to fear’. These words came out of my mouth what I heard what happened to my son.

When the paramedics got there, he was revived. That must have been the trigger point releasing faith rather than fear, that brought him back to life after not sure how many minutes he was dead.

– David, United Kingdom