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I Surrendered My Life To Jesus in Fellowship

Now, I believe that all things work together for good for them that believe God.

I met with a brother-in-Christ who leads fellowship here at a detention centre in the Netherlands.  Several times, he had invited me to come to a KCM fellowship but I refused his invitation, but he never changed his attitude towards me.  He always smiled and said, ‘my God is a good, good God.’

So, I looked at him and thought how can someone in prison for a long time, still believe that God is real? I did not believe that nonsense.  Nevertheless, this brother kept smiling and was happier than ever.

One thing I liked about him is that he is talking to everyone about Jesus Christ about His coming soon.  There is hope if you believe in God.  Then he has many of the inmates that go to his Bible meeting, so one day I decided to join and listen to their discussion.

That was my day meeting the Lord Jesus.  I was surprised that I heard Him call my name and said if today I can give all to Him, all shall be well.  I thought it was a dream but it sounded real and no waste of time.  I said, ‘What shall I do then?’ and the brother-in-Christ said to just surrender my life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Without wasting time, I did surrender my life to Jesus Christ and my life is never the same again.

I am now a partner with KCM and my monthly magazine and the letter from Brother Kenneth and Gloria are helping me a lot.  I am in the reality of God’s love for me and my partner is doing great, as both of us are now believers.  Praise God!

Anonymous, Netherlands