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My Baby Girl Was Born

Last year, I had a miscarriage, and just the day before, I had read in the BVOV magazine about a lady God blessed with a baby after several miscarriages. It was a great testimony and I sent it to some friends who were trusting God for babies. Little did I know God was preparing me for what was coming next, and that I would be victorious through the Word. After I miscarried, I continued to stand on the Word. I got pregnant again and the same thing happened a few months later. I continued to declare the Word. I also called the prayer line and they agreed with me for a testimony. While waiting for my miracle, the Lord gave me the name, so my family and friends began declaring that name regardless of any negative symptoms. BVOV was a source of encouragement as the programs I listened to strengthened my faith. By September, I was pregnant again.The pregnancy was easy and no morning sickness. To God be the glory! On Wednesday, May 1, 2019, my baby girl was born. She is absolutely perfect.

O.A. | England

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