“No Debt From University Course” – In September 2016 I started my university course with the intention that I would not borrow money or get into debt, as at the time I knew that the word of God said to ” Owe on one anything expept to love one another”(Romans 8:28).As a result of the word from KCM’s teaching I am happy to testify that during my thre-year course I never once had to borrow money or receive financial aid from any other source but God. Praise God. He is financier, provider and supplier. I am debt free, that £22,500 worth of tuition fees has been paid in full. Me and God started my course debt free and we finished it debt free. So thank you, Kenneth and Gloria for sticking to the mandate that God has given you as without you I would never have made that decision. The teaching that you provide on BVOV is a lifeline for me and my family and we cherish it dearly.

H.F., England

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