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Overwhelmed by His love and care

Thank you for standing with me over the years. I want to tell you about the Lord’s faithfulness in my life.
I was terminated from my job in July this year, it was so sudden, but I couldn’t get stressed or worried about it. The Lord gave me such peace and covered the mortgage and other bills (I am a single Mum with 4 children).
A few weeks after I was in a shop, and I heard the Holy Spirit say’ You better buy a new bag for work!’
A couple of days later someone I had worked with told me about a new nursing home closer to me than the last job and on my bus route.
I registered interest and they contacted me very quickly. The telephone interview was a few days later and a zoom interview followed shortly after.
My contract came through on the 31st of August. The place where I will be working is so lovely and the company has had us on induction, sitting in a classroom. They have paid us, and I will be nursing again starting from 11th October. This is a new home, so we are all in the same situation.

The Lord is so lovely to me, and I am overwhelmed by His love and care.
Thank you for all the times KCM has agreed with me in prayer.