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Partners Helping Inmates with KCM Teaching Materials

I have been a Partner with Kenneth Copeland Ministries for 38 years and know first-hand what a blessing it has been.

I have produced and run a Bible School and as a correspondent school, comprising of 7 courses with 72 lessons, for 30 years.

KCM Europe has provided me with books for the students over the years.

In 2001 I held the Bible School class in my home and among the students were two people who had been in prison and from then on, I was sending my lessons to prisoners in the UK and around the world to countries in Europe and Africa.

The testimonies have been such a blessing of how the Word of God through the lessons have changed their lives, which goes back to Kenneth and Gloria Copeland teaching me the Word of God through their books, tapes and CD’s.  They have grounded me in the Word of God and to live a life in Christ, giving Him all the glory for revealing to me and the prison students, His ways and knowing Jesus and Father God personally in my life, speaking  and believing the Word only.

My late husband, Brian was always there supporting me as I reached out in teaching others in the Bible School.  I felt it strongly when Brian went home to be with his Lord.  But I have never lacked anything, I still have prison students and other students in the UK, Italy and Zambia.

To see and know how the teaching of the Word is changing and building their precious lives is wonderful.

One man from Zambia teaches Bible School lessons in a grass hut in his village, saying how hungry these people are to know God and His Word.

It is good to see some of the prison students continuing with the Bible School when they are released from prison.  Even when they have completed the Bible School, they continue to write and share with me all that God is doing in their lives.

Praise the Lord, for God never stops being good.  I praise God for Kenneth and Gloria Copeland as they continue to feed me every day as I keep the Word of God in my life.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries is a ministry that everyone can trust to impart the truth of the Word of God and to support you in other ways.

So my personal thanks to KCM Europe for always being there for me.