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PARTNERSHIP LIFELINE! After being a Partner for 20 years, I just wanted to testify that this ministry is good ground. Over the years I have sown into different ministries but never had the return like I’ve had with KCM. Thanks to the BVOV magazine I have learned the laws of prosperity. When I started my own business, every time I needed a breakthrough, I sowed a seed into KCM. The return came every time, either the next day or during the same week! I have never sown a seed without seeing a return, and what a harvest! I can’t thank Kenneth and Gloria enough for their ministry, faithfulness and integrity. I would never give up my partnership with this ministry—it has been a financial lifeline for 20 years, and I believe it will be for another 20 years. Kenneth and Gloria, I believe it will take eternity for you to hear all the testimonies of the lives you have touched! Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart! A grateful Partner!

A.V. | France