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Praying in tongues – the key to problem solving

I have a testimony about “hit it in tongues, honey, hit it in tongues”.

I was working last weekend doing technical IT maintenance. There were two tasks I was supposed to do but they were failing. They had already failed over ten times and I only had the weekend to do it. All the tests before seemed good but the tasks still failed. My Team Leader already said it could not be done and that customer should be informed but I asked for more time.

Then I remembered Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons saying “hit it in tongues, honey, hit it tongues.” I launched the first task again and started praying in tongues with my eyes focused intently on the screen all the time as it ran successfully to completion. Relieved (and partly thinking that things are now working,) I ran the second task in exactly the same way but didn’t keep my eyes on it and it failed again! So I did what I did for first one: I launched the second task again and did not take my eyes away and was talking to it in tongues until it ran successfully to completion!

Apart from speaking to it in tongues, I did not do anything else different from the umpteenth times that it failed before. In the end, what my team leader said could not be done, was done by the Spirit of God.

I have another task to do within two days that we have not managed to do in a month. My Team Leader is already looking at other ways to do it. But again I asked for more time. Guess what I will be doing with the extra time?

I already know on the inside of me that it will work to the glory of God.

Jiji, Luxembourg

The Value of Praying in Tongues


We thank God that His mysteries are being revealed to us when we pray in the Spirit and that when we pray in tongues obstacles and problems are being removed. If you want to learn more, watch the broadcasts entitled ‘The Value of Praying in Tongues’ with Pastors George and Terri.

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