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Prison card - free bible teaching resources for prisons

Firstly, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s hearts are especially tender towards men and women who are in prison.

Therefore, within the mission statement of KCM, the Prison Ministry Outreach Team has been directed to minister to prisoners in the following ways:

  1. Leading them to a saving faith through the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:16)
  2. Agreement in prayer
  3. Providing free teaching materials as part of Prison Ministry Programme.
  4. Answering Bible questions within the realm of the prison ministry gifts of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.

This is why we have a team to minister on their behalf to those behind bars. Outreach in KCM Europe Prison ministry currently reaches into prisons in the UK, Germany and Italy and is available to all English speaking prison inmates in Europe.

We currently have partnerships with chaplaincy and church-based Prison visitors, who are able to distribute KCM Bibles and products that we supply to them in order to help the people in prison come to know who they are in Christ Jesus and live a victorious Christian life in their Covenant rights and privileges.

  • If you have a prison ministry outreach or you are currently in a prison and would like our support please get in touch.
  • The free subscription to our Prison Ministry Programme needs to be requested by the individual, we cannot activate by a referral.

We also communicate with the inmates directly. If you are in a prison in Europe, call us at +44 (0)1225 787310 or email partners@kcm.org.uk to register. As a partner, you will receive a copy of the Believer’s Voice of Victory magazine and the Partner letter, and can request a KCM NKJV Bible and From Faith to Faith daily devotional.

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