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Prison Testimonies

Life On The Outside Begins On The Inside

“I was so pleased to read that KCM prison ministry is growing. Three years ago I was imprisoned for a 12 week period. In this time I decided to see if there really was any truth in God as I was contemplating suicide. I am so glad I gave Christ Jesus a chance. He turned up and I have not looked back since. I gave my life to Jesus and was given a KCM bible. This bible is part of my testimony. Since leaving prison I have been writing to women in prison across the country to encourage them to lean on Jesus.”
Former Inmate, UK

Holding On To The Word

You have been such a great blessing to my life and destiny through my time in prison and immigration detention. I want to especially thank you for not condemning or looking down on us. The Partner letters from Kenneth Copeland were such a blessing every month and I gave diligence to do all that was contained within them. My release was such a miracle: nobody expected it, not even me. I held onto the word God gave me in Jeremiah 29 v14. I can’t put into words how much your ministry has blessed me, please receive my partnership gift and I hope to join you at a Victory Campaign in Europe in the future.
Former Inmate, UK

The Word Works

“We give thanks for what you are doing in Christ’s name. Your work and prayers continue to make a difference. In the Chaplaincy we are able to run a host of different activities with the steady confidence that this brilliant aid to discover faith in Christ can make men free and that’s ‘free indeed.”

Let us tell you about some of the lives changed…

A – On hearing that his sister had been gunned down in New York recently, knew he needed to cope with this very great loss, but how? Jesus is helping him work through forgiveness and develop a deeper faith. The KCM Bible, with its excellent helps in the front of the NKJV of God’s Word have been essential tools for this man, and so many others. Thank you Kenneth Copeland Ministries for these superb helps we can point to.

B – We were with him when he learned that the only person who was non judgemental on the outside as far as he was concerned, had died. He is learning to rely on Christ and is also becoming a very active evangelist. He rejoices in the blessing of this good sized print, soft bound bible that he can read anywhere

“I personally use some of the prayer formats identified by your ministry and have begun to see God move.”

Rev Chris Knights-Whittome Chaplaincy H M Prison Brixton

Peaceful Sleep

“I have been in prison for the past two years and have never been able to sleep without the aid of sleeping pills. This was due to fear something might happen to me. The result of this deep fear caused me to become totally dependent on the sleeping pills. When I came into contact with the books and audio teaching of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland my Faith in God began to increase. In particular one story in the prison edition Believer’s Voice of Victory so touched me, that I said to God ‘If you can deliver that person from all their troubles you can deliver me from my dependency on sleeping pills’. I prayed with a repentant heart and stopped taking the pills. It was not easy, but I continued to pray with Faith in God and His word. Glory to God I can testify that I have been completely set free from the dependency of sleeping pills and have not had any for over 7months.”
Inmate, Italy