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Healed from Malaria

Healed from Malaria - Testimony

11 August 2023 | Healing Testimonies , Testimonies

I was admitted to the hospital on the 25th June 2023 because of vomiting and diarrhea for 4 days, that is, from Thursday 23th June to Sunday 25th June, before I went to the hospital by Ambulance. I didn’t know I was highly dehydrated due to the vomiting and diarrhea. I was very weak. Whilst... Read More

Choosing Faith Over Fear!

Faith over fear - Testimony

28 April 2023 | Provision Testimonies , Testimonies

I would like to give God praise for his provision for me and my family this year. The year started off very challenging with a huge increase in our bills. Following the directions received from KCM over the years we chose faith over fear and immersed ourselves in the word. We also called in money... Read More

Blessed and Debt Free

Blessed and Debt Free

8 November 2022 | KCM Faith Teaching Testimonies , Provision Testimonies , Testimonies

In 2011 I asked you to come into agreement with me that I would be debt free, back then I had £128,000 worth of debt including the mortgage on my house. I kept listening to the word preached by Kenneth, tithed, sowed financial seed, budgeted, and only spent money where necessary. The debt started going... Read More

Better Job – Praise Report

Better Job praise report

18 August 2022 | Provision Testimonies , Testimonies

To God be the glory. I sent a prayer request after an incident at my former place of work. I and four staff members were suspended for an incident that happened after I followed an order from my supervisor and superior. Before this incident, I was troubled in my spirit because the job was taking... Read More

Prayer for A House Answered

Prayer for a house

17 August 2022 | Provision Testimonies , Testimonies

Praise the Lord. The Lord is good who answers prayers immediately. The other week I received a phone call from KCM. The caller asked me what I wanted to agree with him in prayer. I said my daughter and granddaughter to have a house. They were homeless so had moved back in.  My granddaughter to... Read More
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