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Beirut Explosion

Relief Fund - KCM Europe

Aid To Lebanon

#LoveLebanon (lovelebanon)

In just two weeks, since August 4th, your support combined with our global partners has enabled us to do the following:

  • Distribute funds to 6 different churches in order to quickly meet the their most critical needs.
  • Provide emergency response for hundreds of families who are among the many of the 300,000 displaced by the August 4th explosion


Approximately 1,000 families received help already in the form of:

  • Cleaning supplies such as: Hand soap, dish washing liquid soap, detergent detol, Clorox
  • Several Thousand bottles of water
  • Baby supplies, especially diapers (nappies)
  • Aid boxes that contain supplies for 2-3 months that include items such as:
    • Staples like: Rice, Tea, Spices: Salt & Pepper, Sugar & Flour, Spaghetti, Cheese, Jam, Halawe, Vegetable oil (5L)
    • Tins of Food – Several types such as vegetables, and Canned meet (Tuna, etc.).
    • All kinds of grains (Beans, peas, chickpeas etc)
  • Dozens of Tarps for use in temporary covering openings in homes, car windows, etc. that had glass blown out, and for damage to roofs before rain starts this month.


You have also provided more than 2,000 meals for church volunteer teams to feed those who were displaced, as well as volunteers working in the clean-up operations.


We’ve supported several repair projects including churches, church members homes, car windows, and as an outreach we now have some repair projects conducted by our Lebanese partner churches for Muslim families as a demonstration of the Love of God.