Standing Strong in Faith against Covid-19

Covid-19 Relief Fund Report

KCM Europe’s mission during the pandemic remained the same – To Minister the Word of Faith. We provided free teaching materials to encourage our Partners to stand strong in faith against Coronavirus, we prayed for them and we supported financially those in need with the help of our Partner Churches.

Relief Fund for Ukraine

Relief Fund for Ukraine

It’s with great thanks to the generosity of our Partners and Friends for your continued sowing into the KCM Relief Fund, that we are able to update and report back on what we are doing towards aid for the Ukraine crisis. With your support, we have received over £16,000 in contributions to date, and we… Read More

Relief Fund Giving

Relief Fund Giving Standing With One Another in Uncertain Times! The Relief Fund allows Kenneth Copeland Ministries Europe to support community outreaches and respond to natural or man-made disasters around the world by partnering with other ministries and Partners on the ground. We collect your name, contact, and card details to process your donation. For… Read More

Relief Fund - Kenneth Copeland Ministries Europe

Partners Helping Partners

Supporting One Another in Uncertain Times The Relief Fund is a special ministry of Kenneth Copeland Ministries Europe that sees Partners helping Partners in difficult situations. This fund has been established to respond to immediate relief needs typically arising at short notice. Through wars, pandemics, food shortages and natural disasters, KCM Europe is so grateful… Read More

Beirut Disaster Fund

Beirut Disaster Relief

Beirut Disaster Relief THANK YOU KCM EUROPE “For your donation to the #LoveLebanon Beirut Disaster Relief Effort” We are in the process of distributing 100% of your generous gift to help churches and believers with the most acute needs here in Beirut! You have provided basic supplies including things like rice, water, and diapers (nappies)… Read More

Relief for Lebanon

Beirut Explosion

Aid To Lebanon #LoveLebanon (lovelebanon) In just two weeks, since August 4th, your support combined with our global partners has enabled us to do the following: Distribute funds to 6 different churches in order to quickly meet the their most critical needs. Provide emergency response for hundreds of families who are among the many of… Read More

Baby food and equipment for needy families financed by KCM Europe

The Growbaby Project in Cambridge

The “Growbaby” project in Cambridge provides free clothes and equipment for 0-5 year olds to needy families ( single parents/ domestic violence/ poor) in our locality. It normally runs on donations with some topping up – but receiving and processing new donations is problematic and has almost dried up as a result of lockdown. So… Read More