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Filled With His Spirit, His Peace, His Eternal Love

I remember how I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit over the phone with KCM in April 2006.

It was a tragic time in my life as I had just come back from the Hospital after losing my baby in a still birth.  She was full term and on the last routine scan of ‘Emily-Rose’, she had stopped breathing.  It was like a bad dream as I was whisked into ER for an emergency caesarean section.

I could already hear the voice of Brother Copeland saying to me, “Fear not, a mighty miracle shall come forth from this!”  and these words of reassurance kept repeating and repeating, even though, in the operating theatre, I didn’t know what this meant and why I was hearing so audibly Brother Kenneth Copeland speaking to me so strongly and powerfully.

The Search

I was still searching for Jesus and I was unsaved.  I didn’t know that I had to be saved or what the Holy Spirit was, as I was brought up a Muslim and had a very strict and oppressive upbringing.

The year before this happened, I was searching for Christ and the ‘Truth’ and this longing was an on-going search throughout my life.   I asked my husband (who is Spanish),we were living in Spain back then, how we could ‘find Jesus?’ He suggested we become Catholic.

So I became Catholic, baptised, confirmed and had to re-marry my husband for it to be recognised as Catholic.  He was already born Catholic so he didn’t have to do this.  I was very confused at the time and became even more confused because it was all about Mary as the saviour rather than Jesus.

The Phone Call

Moving on from there, in 2006 and losing Emily-Rose, after almost two weeks of being back at home without the baby and three other small children asking where the baby was, I was in total despair and confusion.  I felt that God had abandoned me and I needed answers once and for all in my life.

Crying out to the Lord in my deep despair and confusion, I was drawn to a magazine that was lying on the floor. It was the ‘Believer’s Voice of Victory’.

I heard a voice near me saying to open it and call the office for some answers, so I did just that!  I telephoned the KCM Ministry Office in Bath, UK and I spoke to the Prayer Minister.

As soon as I telephoned, a voice from my left shoulder told me to put the phone down as ‘they don’t know that you are really Muslim!’ and as I was about to put the phone down, the other voice told me to ‘give it a try and speak to them’ and this I did.

However, when I was greeted by the person on the other end of the phone all that came out of my mouth was, ‘Please can you baptise me in the Holy Spirit!’.

Before I could apologise and take back what I had just said, as I didn’t know what that meant, the Prayer Minister kindly and gently said, ‘Sure I’ll pray with you for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, just repeat these words after me’.

After getting over my initial shock that she understood what this meant, I repeated her words.   Again, I heard the voice on my left tell me to put the phone down as this was all a big mistake, then the other voice told me to ‘give it one last chance because this might be the only chance I have’.

This immediately shook me and I stayed with the Prayer Minister.  I felt like I was in the middle of a battle that was unbeknown to me.

A Mighty Rushing Wind Came into the Room

I was repeating the words of the Prayer Minister when all of a sudden, a mighty rushing wind came into the room.  It was so strong that it blew all the papers up into the air and even I was blown up into the air so that I was immediately standing.

I went to the windows to shut them from the strong winds, but they were all closed!  Outside not a leaf was moving!  No wind!

Someone was shouting in Russian or something similar and on touching my mouth I found that it was me!  I couldn’t believe it, I was speaking in tongues and it was so powerful and so overwhelming that it was like a geyser exploding within me and out into tongues and liquid peace.

Literally for the next two hours, I was crying, speaking in this new language and a peace filled me and I literally felt the liquid of peace and love being poured into me and filling me to overflowing.

I came down those stairs, a new person, a new creation, a born-again child of God!


All because Father God, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit guided me, step by step to reach out to Kenneth Copeland Ministries and to be filled with His Spirit, His Peace and His eternal Love.  I have never been the same since!

I Am So Grateful

Now my whole family is saved, my four children, my husband and all we want to do is to serve the Lord all our lives.

I am so grateful to this Ministry and to Brother Copeland because when I was alone in the operating theatre, they placed the baby next to me but I didn’t look, all I heard was Brother Copeland’s voice loudly telling me that “Fear not, a mighty miracle shall come forth from this!”

I actually thought my daughter would be resurrected because of this, but I realise now the miracle was my salvation and that of my whole family.

Thank you, Brother Copeland and thank you KCM!  We are so grateful to you for your prayers and your powerful, anointed Ministry!  I would recommend to everyone, to telephone the Prayer Ministry at KCM, they are wonderful people of God who are anointed and powerful in their prayers!  Thank you so much KCM Ministry.

With love and blessings,

Vicki, United Kingdom

If you need prayer, our Prayer Ministers are waiting to take your call.  Call us today on +44 (0)1225 787 310 or send us your Prayer Request.  Remember that God loves you, we love you and JESUS IS LORD!