He paid it all for you

He Paid it All For You

Have you ever felt so much love for someone, that you would die for them? Well, that’s literally what Jesus did for the entire world. The entire human race. Jesus didn’t just feel that powerful feeling of love for one person.  He felt it for absolutely every person that existed then and for every generation to… Read More

How to Evangelise

How To Evangelise

“Evangelism is the Lords work and we get to partake.  Just as prophecy is an overflow of hearing and seeing, evangelism is the overflow of being found,” writes Andrew Cannon”. Here is his blog post on how to evangelise, written just for you. What an absolute honour and privilege it is to speak lifesaving words… Read More

Ways to Evangelise

7 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Evangelise

Now is the time to minister the gospel to a lost world. It’s time to not only speak out for change in our nations but to bring change through the greatest transforming power of all time. It’s time to step up our game in the area of evangelism. We, the Body of Christ, make up… Read More