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From Prison to Palace Praise Report

I have a HUGE praise report! I have been standing on the word for 2022, the year of release, the year of direction. I joined your partner communion online last week as well, and it bolstered my faith.

Long story short, for the past 7 years, I have been based in a very remote place, working professionally in an excellent job, which taught me much; it was a good season for professional experience, but at times extremely lonely where I felt so forgotten.

I have been very frustrated with God at times for leading me here to this remoteness, I have felt He left me and forgot me in some deep valleys (in the prime of my life, when I should be settling, getting married and starting a family).

Online church and KCM have been a lifeline. There have been many times I wanted to quit, though I loved my work, the work climate could be toxic at times, and my life here lonely. My mum always said that the right door would open, and to not quit (a word which I often heard preach the past years by several ministers including Kenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle, Do Not Quit).

I have now been offered a job in the heart of politics, where I will serve government officials and leaders, overseeing a massive project for the next years. I will be moving (!!!!). It is a huge promotion, literally like Joseph, from the “prison” to the palace.

I am in AWE of what God has done! Last Monday they called me with the job offer, I had my life turnaround in 24 HOURS, a sudden acceleration – BREAKTHROUGH!!.

My next prayer of faith is to have “palatial” accommodation, a beautiful home, in walking distance from my work, which I paid for debt free – a place where I can establish a home and a family, with a husband. For this I stand on Psalm 107:7 “He led them by a straight way to a city where they could settle.”

God is faithful.

E.C. – Norway