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Sporting Marvels

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When you partner with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, you reach people you may never know; At least 10% of every gift KCM Europe receives is sown directly into other ministries that reach people right here in Europe and across the globe! One of the ministries KCM Europe support in this way is Sporting Marvels in the Rhondda Valleys, South Wales, UK.

Sporting Marvels

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Sporting Marvels put a positive Christian role model in front of every school pupil in Rhondda in the age range of 10-18. They currently partner with 21 primary/junior schools, and three secondary schools.  That is more than half the schools in the Rhondda Valley!

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Local heroes

As local heroes and the coolest people in town, they’re inspiring transformation.  They have impacted the lives of many children in the last ten years.  They are making Christianity more relevant and inspiring a generation to dream big!

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The Word in the classroom

Their Bible-based classroom and sports coaching programs teach important life principles, character values, healthy lifestyle and good citizenship. The programs have become integrated into the schools’ timetables and are now a key part of meeting the National Curriculum requirements. They are immensely popular with teachers, pupils and parents alike, and Sporting Marvels are invited back year after year.

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“I can’t” to “I can”

Working alongside the regular teaching staff, they model Godly values and are changing the mindset of Rhondda’s young people.  They are changing it from one that says “I can’t” to one that says “I can”. In fact, many of the current ‘Marvels’ are themselves the product of this life-changing program!  They are the evidence in keeping with Sporting Marvels’ vision to see Rhondda transformed from being ‘the place to leave’ to ‘the place to be’.

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Together Sporting Marvels (Girls)

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