What Do You Value Most

What Do You Value Most?

Our values are the beliefs through which we process life in our family, our culture, our community and our workplace. They are the lens through which we make decisions, develop our mindsets, and determine our standards. They affect our attitude, our outlook and our spiritual walk. How critical it is then that we ask ourselves,… Read More

3 Guarantees God Will Answer Your Prayers

3 Guarantees God Will Answer Your Prayers

Are all your needs met today? If not, why not? I could ask a thousand believers that question, and most of them would just shake their heads bewildered. “I don’t know, Brother Copeland,” they’d say. “No matter what I do this illness, these financial problems, these awful circumstances keep dragging on. I’m just waiting on… Read More

7 Steps to Receive the Holy Spirit - Blog Post

7 Steps To Receive the Holy Spirit

Imagine you want to do something very special for your best friend’s birthday. You start months ahead, researching and shopping, and you finally find it—the perfect gift. You spare no expense and even spend a little extra to have it exquisitely wrapped. Taking every detail into consideration, you time the gift’s delivery, so it arrives… Read More