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Testimony of Protection

Following the terrorist attack in Finland in 2017, KCM Europe reached out to our Partners in the surrounding area. We received the following testimony from a Finnish pastor. Be BLESSED and encouraged!

Thank you for your concern and your prayers in this Turku terror attack. 
I’m glad that I can say that, me and my family are all well. My daughter was actually at the place where the attack took place, maybe 20 meters away. She had intended to visit some shops but felt led to change the order for the visits. This change brought her out of the way the terrorist went. 
One lady in the church had plans to take the bus downtown, but was led to do her shopping in the convenience store in her neighbourhood instead. If she had taken the bus she would have exited right at the location of the attack. 
Thank God that he directs and protects!

Pastor BB, Turku

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