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Walking Without Pain

My husband and I were watching the live stream of the Branson Victory Campaign healing service on Saturday, 6 April. After Kenneth encouraged the audience to receive new hearts and lungs, he encouraged us to take our healing for whatever we needed. I have had an issue with my foot for about two months, where I couldn’t put my full weight on my right foot. My husband and I enjoy walking for exercise but it became painful for me to go for long walks. During the service I claimed my healing for my foot. My husband stood in agreement with me, and placed his hand on my foot while we were thanking Jesus for my healing. My foot felt warm for the rest of the day. The next morning, I could walk without any pain. This afternoon, we went for a 7 km walk (4.3 miles), and praise God, I had no trouble walking. God is so awesome and so faithful. Thank you for your teachings, you are such a blessing to us.

E.E. | Great Britain