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Evangelism Outreach in Albania – 10 Cities in 10 Days

New Life Churches Albania is one of many Partner Churches with KCM Europe. They are doing great work in Albania, which is predominantly a Muslim nation. The church has organised 10 days of evangelism in 10 different cities across Albania. Kenneth Copeland Ministries Europe has sown seed from the Relief Fund into this outreach, doing what Proverbs 11:30 says “He who wins souls is wise” NKJV.

Evangelism Outreach in Albania

Pastor Sabri wrote

The evangelization tour began on July 18 to July 28. 10 concerts were held in different places. The program was using talents and art to bring people closer together. Music, paintings with a Christian message, dancing, acrobatics, testimony from the members of the group and finally a sermon and invitation to accept Jesus as Lord. At the end of the program, people who were interested filled out the comments card giving their details such as name, surname and phone number. This so that the respective churches can continue with discipleship.

A total of about 3,500 people participated in the entire tour – many of them would’ve heard the gospel for the first time in their lives. 348 people said that they prayed for salvation and wanted to know more about Jesus.

I believe that we are the ones who go to preach the gospel, while you are the ones who send. We can’t go without you. I believe that in this evangelization tour there were people who were saved. I am sure that one day in heaven they will come and thank you for being there because you made a decision to support the gospel in Albania.

This event started on 18th July and good fruit appeared from the first day. See below what Pastor Sabri shared with us.


18th July

The first city was Maliq, a city in the south-east of Albania.  It is a city which is 100% Muslim and there is only one evangelical church.

We started with prayer and everything went in God’s peace. We started to turn on the music and people started to come and watch our show. In the end, I preached the gospel and 35 people said that they pray and want to know more about Jesus.

19th July

We had planned the second event in a village in the city called Sovjan. This is a village with 10,000 Muslim inhabitants. We have been coming there for several years and now, glory to God, has a church. We continued with our program and at the end of the sermon, prayer and comment card. On this night, about 34 people entered their data.

20th July

We headed to the 3rd place, a village called Pirg which is 100% Muslim. When we were performing our show they put their prayer to the mosque to block us. But we continued and in the end 38 people said yes to Jesus. One of the girls came at the end and said that during the prayer she felt a joy, she said that she would pray that the whole village would feel this kind of joy.

21st July

The fourth day I was invited to a youth camp where some churches were developing, there was 120 youth people. I preached sharing my testimony of how Jesus saved me and 15 young people came forward to receive prayers.

22nd July

We went in a city called Librazhd. The square was full of people. There was around 700 people that heard the gospel. After the concert, we had the opportunity to talk to many people who were blessed. Glory to God.

40 people confirmed doing the prayer of salvation.

23rd July

We had the next concert in a neighborhood of the city of Durres called Nishtulla, that is mainly inhabited by the Roma population. Everything went very well in the end 35 people entered their data. After the show, we prayed for many people who testified that they felt the presence of God in their lives.

24th July

We went to a place called Kombinat, a neighbourhood of Tirana city. We performed on a platform where for many years there had been a statue of Stalin which was thrown down when the site was honored in 1990. 49 people said that they did the prayer of Salvation.

25th July

We went to a city called Lushnje in the south of Albania and it is 90% Muslim. 500 people heard the gospel and 41 people signed their name showing interest in Jesus.

Thank God we had some witnesses from the previous years – teenagers who accepted Jesus during our concert came to us to say how their lives changes after they accepted Jesus and noe continue to go to church.

27th July

Then we went to a city in the south of Albania called Dimal. I have been going every summer to the city of Dimal for 9 years to preach the gospel. There in 1996 I planted a church together with some missionaries, but they left in the 2000s and then the church was closed. In my heart I always cried for this city and this year I prayed that God will give me people who will continue with the discipleship.

When we were getting ready, a couple from the old church came and greeted me and they told me that for a long time they prayed how to evangelize. I explained everything to them and encouraged them to start a new church. Many teenagers also come there – several of them had prayed for salvation in the past years, and we introduced them to each other. 35 people wrote their names and that they want to know more about Jesus.

28th July

Last concert was organised in the No. 1 district of Tirana, which is also known as Alidemi. This is one of the strongest Islamic neighborhoods in Tirana. Last year, we had a lot of problems with a group of young Muslims, besides the noise, they wanted to burn our books. But this year we prayed hard and everything went very well. The place was full of people, I can say that there were 1000 or 1500 who followed the show and listened to the sermon. In the end, 40 people prayed the prayer of salvation and said they want to continue being discipled.

After 10 days of outreaches in different cities in Albania, Pastor Sabri from New Life Churches, concluded that 348 people have prayed the prayer of Salvation through these outreaches. Praise God.

“I thank God for you, for your support that you have shown for me and for the gospel in Albania. As I informed you before, Muslims are investing a lot in Albania. But the God we believe in is bigger than them. Through your support, we were able to see the glory of God Jesus Christ who can save people even in the midst of the Islamic religion” – Pastor Sabri

Thank You!

We are so thankful to our Partners and friends at KCM Europe that make this all possible.  If you would like to sow a seed into the Relief Fund to allow us to support Churches and Organisations like this, please click on this button.

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