Riley Stevenson KCM Evangelist in UK and Wales

KCM Evangelist Riley Stephenson

Free Evangelism Training for KCM Partners & Friends Riley Stephenson, the Minister of Evangelism at Kenneth Copeland Ministries, is visiting Wales and England, to equip the Body of the Church for the work of evangelism. His strategy is to teach, train, equip, and mobilize churches to go into their world and bring in a harvest… Read More

Learn how to evangelise


Learn How to Evangelise Speak the Word and Pray Evangelism is not just for the evangelists. Riley Stephenson, Minister of Evangelism for Kenneth Copeland Ministries, explains this in a very simple way: “I do have a special anointing; I’m a believer! You have that same anointing!” In Mark 16, it says that certain signs follow… Read More

How to Evangelise

How To Evangelise

“Evangelism is the Lords work and we get to partake.  Just as prophecy is an overflow of hearing and seeing, evangelism is the overflow of being found,” writes Andrew Cannon”. Here is his blog post on how to evangelise, written just for you. What an absolute honour and privilege it is to speak lifesaving words… Read More