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God’s Gift To Our Family

It was lovely to get your call in the first place asking about how we are .Then for you to pray for us. It was also encouraging and uplifting to share about God’s gift of Sarah to complete our family. I will complete and return the Praise Testimony Release form . I will explain briefly how I became a partner and several notable answered prayer occasions although our loving heavenly Father answers our prayers continually moment by moment daily with healing, protection and guidance.

I was brought up in a traditional Church of England family. Christened and confirmed in our local church. I obviously missed important messages because I thought we were to walk round poor and beggarly giving away everything we had and not expect anything. I went to 08.00am communion every Sunday with my Mum but I did feel there was a deeper relationship somewhere, something more. I did pray .

I will fast forward to when I was introduced to my spiritual parents Kenneth and Gloria Copeland with a whole pile of Believers Voice of Victory magazines. Oh my word what welcome revelation that God meets all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. That God’s word is yes and Amen, all the promises and his Blessings. The whole Bible , His covenant with us. How important our words are. To call things that be not as though they were. I became familiar with Charles Capps not to call the dog if we want the cat. So much teaching and so much to learn. So much faith to build.How wonderful that there is the internet with all the access to the materials, the daily broadcasts everything ! This I have to thank Kenneth and Gloria for, they answered their calling and are teaching us how to live by faith.

There are four occasions that come to mind easily when I think of answered prayer. Briefly my husband was in business for maybe 10 years , 10 months would go well then 2 months would be filled with people not paying their invoices either going out of business or just not paying. John sold/gave the business to a person who kept him on as manager at the same time we were expecting our first baby. We stood on God’s word about him meeting our needs and the very first month we needed a salary to come in , it came, Praise the Lord! The second occasion was linked to this. We had a business bill that we were paying £10 per month. I’m not sure how long we paid this , we were praying for supernatural debt cancellation. I felt I should call to ask about how much we owed and they advised that there was in fact no debt to be paid again Praise the Lord!

God’s answered prayers are continual and the Copelands teachings consistent. Kelly Copeland taught on family protection and Angels going before us, beside us and all the way around us. I have a complete prayer about keeping us from calamity ,evil and misfortune where I cover the whole family by name. I either requested the prayer or it was sent out in our partner letter so when I was stopped at red traffic lights I looked in my rear view mirror to see a car heading straight for the back of me but then it swerved round me and came to a halt beside me. I praised the Lord !

However I really wanted to give encouragement to anyone wanting to have a baby. I wanted to share our experience . We had our little boy who’s birth had not been straightforward so in itself was a miracle that we could think of having another. After two years we thought the time was right so maybe we could have another. We actually had two miscarriages. The doctor said after a third I could be investigated. She told me about a friend who had suffered many miscarriages and stillbirths. It was such a time of discouragement . What I needed to do was build my faith. Gloria teaches in consistency lies the power, bulldog faith, Kenneth says we bat until we win! So I went to God’s word and underlined the scriptures for children. Starting in Deuteronomy 28 v4 The fruit of my womb will be blessed. Genesis 1 v28 Be fruitful and multiply, Psalm 127 v3 Sons are a heritage from the Lord children a reward from him. All the promises I could find. I rolled all the care on Him because He cares for us 1 Peter 5 v 7 . I kept building my faith. I even wrote scriptures on paper and put them in my shoes and told the doctor that I was actually standing on God’s promises on one occasion. I have to say that it didn’t happen overnight my faith had to build. It did though and it got to the stage like the woman with the issue of blood I just needed to reach out and take our baby. It was the year that KCM came to the NIA in Birmingham September 1997. I took our four year old son to an afternoon session and he slept on my lap, at the end the call for prayer was made and I knew I had to be prayed for but I also knew I could stand up where I was and take what I needed.

In June 1998 Sarah was born they said at the time her umbilical cord was well planted . She has golden hair and blue eyes. I could go on at length about her , her academic achievements and her story so far suffice to say that she is a committed Christian attending a church in Birmingham just opposite the NIA. She knows how to use her faith like a mechanic uses a tool.

God’s faith will work for all those who put it to work. He is not a respecter of persons but He is a respecter of faith. His word is yes and Amen. I love Him with my whole heart , my whole mind, my whole soul and my whole strength. Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world !

Thank you for prompting me and giving me the opportunity to share about the wonderful works that God has done in our lives and the utter joy the Lord has given me with my family.

P.B., England