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You Matter

Preventing Teen Suicide Together

Sadly, suicide is the third leading cause of death among people ages 10-24, but Dean knows the answer — a relationship with Jesus. Since January 1, 1993, Dean and his ministry team have traveled the country and the world teaching high school teenagers in schools that they do indeed matter to God.

“The entirety of our ministry is based on getting a young person to understand that when God made them, He did so on purpose and with purpose and for purpose,” Dean says.

He knows first-hand the need for suicide intervention. In his youth, his own mother almost ended her life. Once as a young man, the Holy Spirit spoke to Dean’s heart and impressed on him the need to call home. He did and discovered that at that moment his mother was on the verge of committing suicide. His phone call saved her life.

Dean credits Kenneth Copeland for teaching him to study the Word of God. When the Lord first spoke to him about his ministry all those years ago, Dean knew he needed to study the Word and learn how to apply it to his own life and to his ministry. He attended Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) meetings and listened to Kenneth Copeland’s CDs and watched his DVDs. Through Kenneth Copeland, he learned how to apply the Word and rightly divide the truth.

Dean Sikes’ ministry, YouMatter, is just one of the outreaches Kenneth Copeland Ministries supports. Ten percent of every gift KCM receives for each of its office around the world is sown into other ministries in the areas covered by those offices. It’s known as “Twice-Sown-Seed.” Partners sow into KCM, and KCM sows into other ministries that are reaching out in unique ways that differ from its own mission. These gifts are used to help with orphanages, food outreach, prison ministries, evangelistic associations, Bible translation, teaching material and, yes, even school pupils and students. KCM Europe works giving hope to teens at school through its support for Sporting Marvels.

If you are a Partner with KCM and have given and prayed for this ministry, then you are part of every life saved through YouMatter ministries. Learn more about partnership with KCM here: https://kcm.org.uk/partnership/

Adapted from the article https://blog.kcm.org/kcm-youmatter-preventing-teen-suicide-together/
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