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Relief Fund for Ukraine

It’s with great thanks to the generosity of our Partners and Friends for your continued sowing into the KCM Relief Fund, that we are able to update and report back on what we are doing towards aid for the Ukraine crisis.

With your support, we have received over £16,000 in contributions to date, and we have been able to distribute funds to a number of ministries dealing directly with Ukrainian refugees.

Relief Fund for Ukraine

These ministries have been able to use the funds for transportation, accommodation, food, medicine and clothing as people flee over the border into Romania directly from the Ukraine, or via Moldova.

Below are a few reports from some of the ministries your funds have gone to:

Faith Life Church, Cambridge, UK

With the grant offered by Kenneth Copeland Ministries Europe to Pastors Mark and Sherryll Baines of Faith Life Church, Cambridge, they helped provide accommodation and food through their churches in Bulgaria for Ukrainian refugees.

“Our hearts continue to be with our friends in Ukraine. It really hurts deep in our soul and Spirit when we hear from churches where we have ministered of the huge pain and struggles, they are facing. We are so proud of them as they open their doors to show the love of God to those who need it and to members and leaders of other churches we know, who have had to become refugees. It really comes home when you see people you have prayed for and folks you have ministered to being interviewed on UK TV news.

We pray and we are so encouraged as our churches in Bulgaria are already providing accommodation and food for those refugees who have fled down to their country.

We love and support those we know who are displaced within Ukraine itself. Our hearts are heavy, but our Hope is in Jesus, and we look to Him” – Mark and Sherryll Baines.

Feed the Hungry, UK

Kenneth Copeland Ministries Europe Partner Church, Pastors Peter and Vivian Hasler of Zoe Gospel Centre, Zurich, are involved in the Ukraine relief through the Ministry of ‘Feed the Hungry’.  This is an international charitable Christian organisation founded by Dr Lester Sumrall who have the infrastructure and logistics to deliver aid where it is needed.

“Our offices in the UK, Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland are getting supplies into various churches in the region”, said Pastor Peter Hasler.

Through their Prague office, two lorries of food and hygiene have gone into Ukraine through to Chernivtsi to ICF Kyiv and places en route to help the refugees as they cross the borders to Moldova and Romania.

Ukraine Relief Fund 2

Another four trucks of provisions were sent through Poland directly to Kyiv through the military to hospitals and to various churches in the western part of Ukraine that accommodate refugees. These include refugee centres for people with special needs, such as those in wheelchairs or with limbs missing.

Provisions were also sent from their U.K. office to three different locations:

  1. Poland for distribution to a network of Churches and centres in Ukraine and Poland
  2. Bread of Life in Romania to distribute to Southern Ukraine Moldova and refugees in Romania
  3. Working With Love Moldova to help refugees in Moldova

‘Feed the Hungry’ has received funds from other ministries, however, we are blessed to have been able to play our part in helping the Ukrainian refugees through them.

Rufus Whynot – Yielded Vessels Ministry, Romania

Yielded Vessels
This is the cargo van that brought 27 people (23 children in the enclosed section) on a 28 hour trip from Odessa, Ukraine to Cluj-Napoca, T’vania. The Cyrillic alphabet letters painted on the side says “Children”.

Pastor Rufus Whynot from Yielded Vessels in Transylvania is taking supplies to Ukraine and helping to relocate war refugees from Ukraine to Romania. He is working with local churches and ministries to provide the best for these people.

Here is how the special offering sent by KCM Europe for Ukraine Refugee Support has been dispersed:

Yielded Vessels gave to Pastor Eugen Petrachi, who works as a volunteer (and speaks Russian) to assist to provide some basic needs of arriving refugees who walked through to the reception area at the Giurgiulesti Border Entrance, east of Galati, and for transportation to the train station in Galati, where free train transportation is available for the refugees.

They were able to purchase baby and adult pampers/pads for delivery to Chernivtsi, fuel expenses, and the rest was given to the leader of Beit Simcha to purchase a large fridge/freezer and other equipment needed in the support of the internal refugees.

The Beit Simcha leaders are doing a great job for the refugees – they currently have 87 people at their main centre, over 120 have been placed in apartments throughout the area, and they have a few with all the animals at a camp outside Chernivtsi.

“Thank you for the prayers and support. We are thanking God that He is protecting the Ukraine as He has Israel. Always outnumbered and out-gunned, but always victorious in battle against the invading enemies”, concluded Rufus Whynot.

Transform Europe Network

We were able to send a grant to Transform Europe Network who work with local churches to provide food and shelter for Ukrainian refugees feeling the conflict to Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

James Vaughton brings the latest news from Moldova on the huge effort to support thousands of refugees arriving in the country. Efforts are also being made by TEN’s partners in south-east Romania as vital supplies are transported into Ukraine and refugees are offered accommodation in the homes of Christians. In Bulgaria and North Macedonia, TEN’s partners are assisting refugees.

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Vision for Israel aka The Joseph Storehouse Trust

Mission: To relocate the Ukrainian Jewish refugees to Israel

Another grant was given to ‘The Joseph Storehouse Trust’, a humanitarian aid Charity that serves both the Jewish and Arab people of all minority groups. They have been assisting Ukrainian Jewish refugees to relocate to Israel.

The Joseph Storehouse supplies essential humanitarian aid to impoverished Israelis and to large organisations desperately in need of many important supplies.

The Joseph Storehouse Trust is a non-profit charitable organisation established to help rebuild the nation of Israel both spiritually and physically.

We have supported financially two other churches that are actively helping the Ukrainian refugees – Life Church in Bradford, England, who is helping refugees in Warsaw, Poland, in partnership with a local church, and Faith Christian Foundation of Romania at Canaan Church who help the Ukrainian refugees in Romania.

Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food.  If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? (James 2:15-16 NIV)

Thank you again to all our Partners and Friends who have sowed and continue to sow as you are led by the Holy Spirit, into the KCM Europe Relief Fund.

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